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Hagens Leg of Lamb

1 deboned leg of lamb
Crushed garlic
Salt and pepper
Lemon pepper
bottle of Hagens Dressing

1. Put the leg of lamb in a casserole dish and rub the crushed garlic in its deboned cavity.
2. Salt and pepper to taste.
3. Add lemon pepper and more crushed garlic rubbed all over the surface of the leg of lamb.
4. Add a half a bottle of Hagens.
5. Roast in casserole for 1 to 2 hours at 180C (356F).
6. Add peeled potatoes to the casserole and roast for another half an hour. The potatoes absorb the Hagens.
7. Remove the leg of lamb from casserole and rest for 15 minutes.

Note: Recipe suggested by FC Bester in Dundee, South Africa. The photo of FC with his "secret recipe" leg of lamb was taken while preparing for a Christmas dinner in 2008, in his favourite bush lodge in the Limpopo Province, in a very small place called Klaserie. The lodge, located in the Greater Kruger National Park area, is called Porcupine Bush Lodge. As you can tell his leg of lamb was the cat's meow! A cheetah cat, that is.